Jeanna is still on the road with Ms. Gladstone. Her mother wrote her a letter telling her that they is doing good. In the letter Jeanna mother gave her a number to reach her at. Jeanna mother told her that her daddy is still an alcoholic. Jeanna mama told her to call her at the hospital. While Jeanna was reading the note she started crying. Jeanna call her mama and ask was every thing okay. Her mama said Yes every one is doing good. Jeanna ask did she wanted to come home. Jeanna mama said no. Jeanna mama had to get back to work so Jeanna said she will write her mother a long letter. She had forgot to ask about her grandmother. I think Jeanna is ready to go back home, but Ms. Gladstone is doing good with her shoe business. I think Jeanna will write her mother a note and ask about every body and ask is her grandmother doing good. I think Jeanna’s daddy isn’t going to change about his alcoholism. Jeanna isn’t happy that her daddy drinks a lot. Jeanna doesn’t gets to see her daddy that much. It is the fact that he drinks to much. Ms. Gladstone thinks she should close her shoe business down. Ms. Gladstone went to country to countries selling her shoes to make money. Ms. Gladstone hip is doing better. Jeanna is getting better in driving. I think Jeanna is going to go back home because she misses her family. I think Jeanna mom will be happy that she will be coming back home to there family. Rules Of The Road is a good book to read.


Rules Of The Road !!

I’m reading Rules Of The Road by Joan Bauer. It is about this girl name Jeanna who have family problem. Her daddy is an alcoholic ,her mama is tired of work. She work all day to prove for her two children. Every time her daddy come around , Jeanna mom try to keep the children away. So Jeanna and Faith don’t see there dad like that. Jeanna have a job at a shoe store. The owner of the store is a lady named Ms. Gladstone. Ms. Gladstone is very nice. Ms. Gladstone sell shoes for a leaving. Over the summer she ask Jeanna do she want to go on the road to drive for her. Ms. Gladstone is going on the road to different states to sell shoes. Jeanna ask her mother can she go with Ms. Gladstone on the road. Her mom had to think about it. Jeanna mom told Jeanna she could go. Jeanna isn’t very experience in driving but she do have her permanents. So They go on the road and Jeanna get experience in driving. She discovered different states. While there are on the road Ms. Gladstone hip Start hurting. Jeanna tries to get her help but she refuse for Jeanna to get her help. Anyways Jeanna get her to the hospital. Jeanna calls Ms. Gladstone son an d told him the bad news. When MS. Gladstone get there she tells him not to worry. She gets better , and they go back on the road and sell shoes.

“Buddha Boy”

I think that Buddha Boy and Justin want to get to know Justin better. I think that he will ask Justin questions, to get to know him better. I think about time I get finished with the book Jinen and Justin will be friends. Another predication I have about my book is that Jinsen will not be a good friend, because at the beginning of the book he had a friend but it didn’t work out right. Jinsen is a shy boy.

Welcome !!

I’m ready Buddha Boy by Kathe Joja. It is about the kids at Edward Rucher High School call Jinsen “Buddha Boy” he wears oversize tie-dyed dragon T-shirts, shaves his head, and always seems to be smiling. He’s clearly a freak. Then Justin is paired with him for a class project. All Justin want to do is get it over with and go back to hanging out with his friends until he discovers Jinsen’s incredible artistic talent.